IAS Ranjit Kumar Singh Under Investigation Of EOU Patna SIT Investigate On Long Calls On The Day Of BPSC Paper Leak Ann

Patna: SIT's investigation is intensifying in the 67th BPSC PT...

Patna: SIT’s investigation is intensifying in the 67th BPSC PT exam paper leak case. Shocking revelations are being made in this case every day. ABP News is constantly monitoring this news. We have made many revelations till now. The number of IAS Ranjit Kumar Singh is recorded in the FIR report of the EOU, we were the first to tell this to the readers. It was also told that his friend and IAS Ranjit Kumar, who were arrested, had a conversation ten times on the day of the paper leak. Know another big news that the SIT is eyeing IAS Ranjit Kumar Singh.

Ranjit Kumar Singh is under the scanner

ABP News had revealed on 15 May that on the day the paper was leaked, Ranjit Kumar Singh had spoken to his friend and the person arrested in this case, Krishna Mohan Singh, on call ten times. Five times the phone was called by his friend and five times by the IAS. Some call is 9 minutes, some 12 or 15 minutes. All this information was received by ABP News quoting reliable sources of EOU. On Tuesday, it was made clear by the team of EOU that Ranjit Kumar Singh is under investigation.

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IAS no clean chit yet

Sources in the EOU said that IAS officer Ranjit Kumar Singh has not been given a clean chit yet. Said that there is no concrete evidence yet. However, the question continues that why did Krishna Mohan Singh and the IAS officer have 10 phone conversations on the day the paper leaked? The conversation time is long. Calling five times and going five times raises this question. The EOU said that many people will be arrested in this case now. SIT investigation is on.

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