ICICI Lombard Launches Professional Indemnity Insurance For Doctors Know All Its Details

ICICI Lombard Professional Indemnity Insurance: The country's largest insurance company...

ICICI Lombard Professional Indemnity Insurance: The country’s largest insurance company ICICI Lombard has come up with a special insurance plan for medical professionals. Through this insurance policy, the financial loss to the doctors is compensated (Professional Indemnity Insurance). Many times mistakes are made during treatment with doctors.

In such a situation, due to this, it becomes on the life of the patient. In such a situation, ICICI Lombard also gives training to doctors to rectify these human mistakes and reduce new mistakes. Along with this, it also helps in getting out of the cases done by the patients.

Highlights of the policy-
Sanjeev Mantri, Executive Director of Lombard has given information about the facility of insurance issued for Special Medical Professionals issued by ICICI Lombard. Explaining about this, Sanjeev Mantri said that the medical professional has to face many problems. Even in the Corona Pandemic, he has served the people by risking his life.

But, it is a common thing to have a common human error. Sometimes doctors are unintentionally negligent. In such a situation, the families of the victims file a case against the doctors for damages. In such a situation, this insurance policy of ICICI Lombard provides protection to doctors against professional risks like compensation claims, defense cost, invalid claims etc.

This is how this insurance policy works-
Through this insurance policy, the medical practitioner gets many types of protection. Provides insurance policy to settle legal matters and cover charges in case of any mistake. In such cases, the company compensates the damages paid to the patient.

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