ICMR Isolated Monkeypox Virus From Sample Which Help In Making Indian Vaccine ANN

Monkeypox Vaccine in India: The National Institute of Virology Lab,...

Monkeypox Vaccine in India: The National Institute of Virology Lab, Pune, of the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), has isolated the monkeypox virus from a patient’s sample. Have given. Through this, there will be a lot of help in making Testing Kit and Vaccine of this disease.

At the same time, with India’s isolation of the virus, ICMR has partnered with experienced vaccine manufacturers, pharma companies, research and development institutions and in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) kit manufacturers for joint collaboration in vaccine development and testing kits. Also invited EOI i.e. Expression of Interest.

Monkeypox virus isolated from samples

ICMR itself has informed by tweeting that “Monkeypox virus has been isolated by NIV for the first time in India and ICMR has decided to hand over the virus strain to interested Indian Vaccine and IVD industry partners for development of indigenous vaccine and diagnostic kit for monkeypox.” An expression of interest is invited while making the offer.

Corona virus was also isolated by NIV Pune Lab

Even when the corona came to the fore, ICMR’s NIV Pune lab had isolated the virus from the culture. After which ICMR, in collaboration with Bharat Biotech, prepared the corona vaccine Covaxin. ICMR has been a major contributor in making India’s indigenous vaccine against Corona.

Infection occurring in most travel history cases

Monkeypox Cases In India Cases have come up in the last few days, whose samples have confirmed it. In which in most cases there is travel history of foreign travel but in some there is no foreign travel. In view of the threat of monkeypox virus, the central government and the state government are holding constant meetings with the officials and experts of the point entry ie airport and port. Guidelines have also been issued regarding monkeypox in the month of May. At the same time, the states have started preparations to deal with monkeypox like Corona, in which hospital, medicine and treatment will be done according to the guidelines.

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