Illegal Construction Notice On The House Of Shah Alam Accused Of Prayagraj Violence, Bulldozers Can Run On The House

PDA Action on House of Maqsood Ahmad: The Prayagraj Development...

PDA Action on House of Maqsood Ahmad: The Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA) has pasted a notice for illegal construction at the house of Shah Alam, accused in the violence in Prayagraj on June 10. Shah Alam is also accused of inciting the crowd during the violence in Prayagraj on June 10. Shah Alam is the leader of AIMIM. Prayagraj Development Authority has pasted a notice of penalty for illegal construction at Alam’s house. Prayagraj Development Authority is now tightening its grip on the accused of Atala violence. Earlier, the PDA had done bulldozer action at the house of Mohammad Javed, the main accused in the Atala violence.

After Mohammad Javed, now the PDA has sent a notice against the brother of AIMIM District President Shah Alam for illegal construction. Regarding this, the PDA has pasted a notice at the house of AIMIM district president Shah Alam’s brother. This notice has been sent by PDA regarding illegal construction. According to this notice, Shah Alam’s brother Maqsood Ahmed himself will have to go to Prayagraj Development Authority and file his reply.

Map and required standards are not complete
PDA told that this house has been erected illegally. In this mapping and all kinds of necessary standards have not been met. After which the PDA has asked for a reply by sending a notice before demolishing this house. If the owner of this house Maqsood Ahmed is not able to give a satisfactory answer about this house, then the PDA will carry out the demolition action on this house with a bulldozer.

non bailable warrant against shah alam
Let us tell you that on the 10th of this month, a violent movement after Friday prayers in Atala, Prayagraj in protest against a comment by former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma. It happened in which the crowd had fiercely stonepelting and vandalized. During this stone pelting, stone was also pelted on the vehicle of ADG of Prayagraj. During this his gunner was injured. To control such a situation, the police had to release tear gas shells. Police is still looking for the accused of Atala violence and Shah Alam is an accused in the Atala violence case and a non-bailable warrant has also been issued against him.

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