Imran Khan Strongly Condemns Attack By Unknown Assailants On Senior Journalist Ayaz Amir In Pakistan

Violence Against Senior Journalist In Pakistan: Senior journalist Ayaz Amir...

Violence Against Senior Journalist In Pakistan: Senior journalist Ayaz Amir was attacked by some unknown assailants in Lahore, Pakistan. In this attack, unidentified assailants assaulted senior journalist Ayaz Amir and snatched his mobile. The attack took place outside the Duniya News office in Lahore. Which now everyone is criticizing and condemning in strong words.

The information about this violence with senior journalist Ayaz Aamir was given by journalist Sabukh Syed through a tweet. Describing this incident as very sad, he has said that senior journalist Ayaz Amir was beaten up outside the office of Duniya News Channel by some unknown assailants, during which he also slapped Ayaz and snatched his mobile phone.

Imran Khan strongly condemned

At present, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has also come forward in this matter and he has condemned the incident as very sad and has demanded a high-level inquiry into the matter. He tweeted and wrote, ‘I strongly condemn the violence against senior journalist Ayaz Amir in Lahore today.’

Pakistan losing moral ground: Imran Khan

He further wrote in his tweet, ‘Pakistan is descending into the worst kind of fascism with violence against journalists, politicians, civilians and fake FIRs. When the state loses all moral rights, it resorts to violence.

Fight outside Duniya TV’s office

Let us tell you that during a function on Thursday in Duniya News channel, Ayaz Amir had sharply criticized former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his policies. On the other hand, Tariq Habib, a senior journalist of Duniya News, has informed in his tweet that Ayaz Aamir was attacked by unknown assailants when he was returning after finishing the program on Duniya TV.

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