Rajasthan Police Paper 2022: Before the constable recruitment examination, ATS has taken a big action and arrested two people who claimed to have passed the examination for Rs 8 lakh. Taking action, ATS has arrested two people from Chatarpura under Ramnagaria police station area of ​​Jaipur.

ATS arrested from Jaipur
Cases of paper leaks have been continuously coming to the fore in Rajasthan. Now the alert ATS team took action to prevent rigging in the constable recruitment examination conducted from Friday. ATS busted the gang involved in copying on Friday. ATS has arrested Meghraj Meena, resident of Chatarpura in Ramnagaria area of ​​Jaipur and Bodiram Meena, resident of God Ka Bas of Khotkhavda.

Colleagues are inquiring in this regard
The arrested accused were contacting the candidates claiming to pass the examination through unfair means. They were negotiating a deal with the candidates appearing in the examination for Rs 8 lakh, in which Rs 4 lakh, original documents, bank checks were conspiring to make dummy candidates sit or provide paper before the examination. The accused are being questioned in relation to other associates.

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More screws may be tightened in ATS case
ATS is trying to get to the bottom of the matter. In which it is being ascertained that how far are the wires of these people connected, how they were to be copied or fake candidates were to be placed, which center was in collusion with. ATS can tighten the screws even more in this matter.

SOG has created a control room to prevent cheating in the constable recruitment exam. Any candidate and other people can give information of copying people on these numbers 0141- 2609938 and WhatsApp number 9530429674 of the control room.

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