Independence Day 2022 Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Har Ghar Tiranga Demand For National Flag Increased 10 Times

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: The Narendra Modi government at the...

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: The Narendra Modi government at the Center has announced to celebrate 75 years of independence this year as the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. It is worth seeing the enthusiasm of the citizens of the country in the campaign to hoist the Tricolor at every house in the Amrit Festival of Independence. At the same time, it is also getting full support from the state governments in making this special campaign of hoisting the tricolor in every house of the central government a success. Due to this, the demand for the tricolor has increased a lot this year.

In Delhi’s Sadar Bazar, the banners, posters and flag-makers’ faces have returned with increasing demand for the tricolor. Traders of Sadar Bazar say that they are getting orders for making tricolor flag in large numbers. Alam is that people are coming to buy 100, 500, 5000 to 10000 flags. Let us tell you that every house tricolor campaign will be run from August 13 to 15.

Tricolor’s demand increased 10 times

The demand for the national flag has increased in Delhi’s Sadar Bazar after the call for ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign by the central government. A businessman said, “Demand has increased 10 times. Those who were doing any work related to printing, they are leaving everything and making the tricolor this time.” The demand for the tricolor is being made so much that the artisans who make it have fallen short. Many shopkeepers have refused to take new orders. In view of the increasing demand for the tricolor, now the shopkeepers have stopped booking flags in the market.

tricolor price hiked

Let us tell you that this time there is more demand for cloth tricolor than paper tricolor in the market. The shopkeepers themselves are also disappointed with the tricolor falling short and the customers are also having to return disappointed due to not getting the tricolor. At the same time, due to increasing demand and less supply, the prices of the tricolor have increased in Delhi, due to which its prices have been increased in other states as well. Traders from other states say that they are not getting goods from Delhi itself.

Initially there were bookings from 100 to 2000. Could book only one or two. Due to non-availability of goods from Delhi, customers have to refuse. Many shopkeepers are not selling more than one or two tricolors due to non-fulfillment of demand. According to the shopkeepers, the demand for the tricolor has increased compared to the previous years. Last year, eight days before Independence Day, only four to five tricolors were sold. This time 50 to 60 tricolors are being sold in a day.

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