India-China Relations China Spy Ship Yuan Wang 5 Will Reach Hambantota Port In Sri Lanka Today India Objected

China Spy Ship: The dispute that started between India and...

China Spy Ship: The dispute that started between India and China over the Line of Actual Control (LAC) was not over yet, that now an act of the dragon can further deepen the rift in the relationship between the two countries. The new reason for the increasing tension between India and China is the Chinese search ship Yuan Wang 5. Actually, this Chinese spy ship is going to reach Hambantota Port of neighboring Sri Lanka today.

Let us tell you that India has already objected to this. India had requested Sri Lanka not to allow this Chinese search ship to stay at its port, but Sri Lanka has allowed the Chinese ship to stay at its own port, bypassing India’s request.

India objected because

Let us tell you that India had requested Sri Lanka not to allow the Chinese ship to stop at its port. Actually, this Chinese ship has powerful antennas which are quite capable of spying on strategic and military bases. India fears that China can collect information about India’s military bases with the help of this ship. Which is not safe from the point of view of India’s security policy. For the time being, India is keeping an eye on the situation.

Let us tell you that earlier there were speculations that the Chinese spy ship would reach the Hambantota port of Sri Lanka on August 11. It is being told that this Chinese spy ship will stay in the Arabian Sea for a week and carry out espionage activities.

China’s claims have no merit

On the other hand, China says that its purpose is only to deal with sea smugglers, for which it is sending its ships in the Indian Ocean. However, defense experts are not satisfied with China’s claim. According to him, there is no merit in this claim of China. Even before this, China has been doing such acts. China is only trying to instigate neighboring countries by doing such an act.

One reason for this is also that China has been claiming its ownership in the maritime area on many occasions, for which it keeps on conducting such military tests every day. According to experts, China is also eyeing natural resources like oil and gas hidden in the Indian Ocean. On which he has been making his claim.

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