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Heavy Rainfall in India: Monsoon is active in many parts...

Heavy Rainfall in India: Monsoon is active in many parts of the country. From North India to South India, the troubles of the people have increased due to heavy rain and floods. Due to heavy rains from the mountains to the plains, the life of the people is disturbed. Heavy rains have come as a disaster for the people in many other parts of Uttarakhand including Chamoli, Dharchula. From Ratlam to Dhindori in Madhya Pradesh, there has been heavy destruction due to rain. At the same time, some rivers in Purvanchal are also in spate. In South India too, the rain has broken as havoc.

In Karnataka and Kerala, the flood cover was seen increasing, then many parts of Tamil Nadu have also been engulfed by the floods. Godavari river is in spate in Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu. The flow of water was very fast. Everything seems to be submerged because of the overflowing Godavari river. An elderly couple trapped in water was rescued.

Godavari river in spate due to heavy rains in Tamil Nadu

An elderly couple was engulfed in a flood after the Godavari river was in spate due to heavy rains in Tamil Nadu’s Krishnagiri district. This elderly couple lives near the Balamurugan temple on the banks of the river. Even before the river overflowed, the administration issued an alert and appealed to the people to go to a safe place, but the elderly couple did not agree. When the water increased further and the cutting started, the couple got into trouble. So the administration team reached the spot and started the rescue operation. With the help of police and fire brigade, the elderly woman was first made to lie on a stretcher-like plate and then pulled with the help of a rope and pulled out safely.

Disaster in Karnataka due to incessant rains

It has been raining continuously in Karnataka since June 1. Water is causing havoc in 11 districts. In the last 2 months, 40 people have died due to floods. So about two and a half thousand houses have been demolished. Apart from this, crops of more than 4 thousand hectares have been destroyed in the state. 1730 km of roads have been damaged. 5419 km of rural roads have been damaged. CM Basavaraj Bommai is constantly taking information about the flood affected areas. Instructions have also been given to start the rescue and rehabilitation work on war footing as well as to give compensation.

Rivers in spate in Kerala too

In Kerala too, the boiling water of rivers is filling everyone with fear. In districts like Kottayam, Idukki, Ernakulam of the state, the situation seems to be getting worse. Alerts are being issued almost every day regarding heavy rains in Kerala. Kerala has been receiving heavy rains since the onset of monsoon. Incidents of slipping of land and mountains are also coming to the fore in many places. 12 people have lost their lives due to rain-related incidents in Kerala since Sunday.

Flood in many areas of Assam

Floods in many areas of Assam do not seem to end the troubles of the people. In Dhemaji district, a village named Khana Krishnapur, 25 km from the city, has so much water that boats have to be run here. Children are going to school by boat. Clean drinking water is not available in many areas due to floods. People are struggling for clean drinking water.

Rain in Uttarakhand

In South India, the rain has broken as a disaster, while in North India too, the problems of the people have increased. The problems of the people have increased due to the rise of land slides and rivers in the hilly areas. Due to heavy rains in Dharchula, Uttarakhand, the road over the drain near the Tawaghat Chirkila motorway was washed away and people were forced to come, risking their lives. School children were seen trying to cross the path amid the strong current of water. On the other hand, due to rain in Rudra Prayag, the landslide became a problem. Due to the breaking of the hill near Narkota, debris came on the road and the problems of the people increased. In Chamoli too, the rain came as a disaster for the people.

Trouble again in Madhya Pradesh due to rain

Once again rain has become a problem in Madhya Pradesh. From Ratlam to Dhindori, there was heavy destruction due to rain. More than two feet of water has accumulated in many areas. Ratlam Javra market got submerged in slight rain. From the government hospital, many localities were seen completely submerged in water. The school building collapsed due to rain in Patangarh which falls in Karanjia area of ​​Dhindori district. Thankfully this accident happened during the night. Water logging is a serious problem in many areas.

Rivers in spate in many districts of Purvanchal

Rivers are in spate in many districts of Purvanchal of UP due to heavy rain. In Ballia district, the Ghaghra river has taken the form of Daudra. In such a situation, there is a danger of drowning in the village situated on the banks of the river. Due to the strong current of the river, there is continuous erosion. From Khadipur in Maniyar block to Malahichak village, similar erosion is taking place on both the ends of the river. Khadipur village was submerged in water and the stream of the river looked desperate to take Malahichak village in its lap. People allege that no one from the administration came to take care.

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