Indian American Student Was Strangled In Texas School People Expressing Anger On Social Media About The Incident

Indian American Student Bullied In US: An Indian-American student was...

Indian American Student Bullied In US: An Indian-American student was attacked by a white student at Coppell Middle School in Texas and “held his throat for more than four minutes.” A video of the incident has been shared online by the student’s classmates.

In the video, a white student approaches an Indian American boy sitting on a bench and asks him to stand up. When the student refuses to give up his seat, the white student becomes enraged and strangles him. He presses the Indian student’s neck from behind with his elbow before strangling the student and pushing him to the back of his seat.

‘Indian student suspended for three days’
The North American Association of Indian Students said in a tweet, “Disturbing footage of a middle school student being assaulted and strangled for more than four minutes by a white student. The incident took place at Coppell Middle School, a suburb of Dallas. The Indian student got a three-day suspension, while the attacker got one day.” The incident reportedly took place on May 11.

The incident is being condemned on social media.
The incident is being criticized on social media. The official Twitter handle of a lawyer named Ravi Karkara wrote, “On Wednesday, May 11, during lunch, an Indian American student was physically assaulted and strangled by another student at his middle school.”

In the video, an Indian American student is seen sitting at the lunch table while another white student asks him to vacate the seat. “No, I’m not getting up… there’s really no one sitting here,” the Indian student can be heard saying.

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