Indian Army And Air Force Personnel Did Water Parachute Jump Exercise In Himachal Pradesh

Water Parachute Jumps Exercise: Indian Army and Air Force personnel...

Water Parachute Jumps Exercise: Indian Army and Air Force personnel are conducting a joint exercise at Gobind Sagar Reservoir in Himachal Pradesh. This two-day joint exercise was started on Wednesday. In this, an exercise was organized to increase the ability of the soldiers to carry out the operation by landing rapidly on land or in water from a height in the area surrounded by enemies and in the event of war.

During this exercise, Indian Army and Indian Air Force (IAF) personnel are practicing their operation by jumping through parachutes in the air and rapidly landing on the water surface as well as entering enemy territory. The purpose of this joint exercise was to train the soldiers to enter enemy territory and complete their operation after successfully landing with a parachute on the water.

Joint exercise was also held in the month of March

Earlier in the month of March this year also, an exercise was conducted by the Air and Special Forces of the Indian Army, during which the exercise of rapid response and rapid air landing for the security of land and island areas in peninsular India. was done.

According to the report, the aerial insertion technique was included in this exercise, conducted from March 14 to 15. The purpose of which was to ensure that the army was able to deal with any challenge or sudden enemy attacks. During this, Combat Free Fall and Airborne and Special Forces soldiers practiced together.

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