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Indian Army Inducts Swarm Drone Systems: The Indian Army is...

Indian Army Inducts Swarm Drone Systems: The Indian Army is fully prepared to attack the enemy’s tanks, soldiers and vehicles on the battlefield. Swarm Drones have been included in the Mechanized Force of the Indian Army for the first time. In view of the way Artificial-Intelligence and Swarm-Drone Technology were used in Ukraine-Russia-Ukraine and Armenia-Azerbaijan War, the Indian Army (Indian Army) Army) has also made preparations for non-conventional warfare.

According to the information, the Indian Army has acquired this swarm-drone technology from two indigenous start-ups. This technique will be used in both offensive and defensive operations. That is, to target or destroy the enemy along with surveillance on the enemy.

Swarm drone technology will be used like this

According to the information, this swarm drone technology will be used to destroy enemy tanks, military vehicles and marching troops of soldiers. According to the Indian Army, joining the Mechanized Forces (Mechanized Infantry and Tank Brigade) of Swarm Drones equipped with top-class disruptive technology will help the army in fighting the future challenges related to security. This will also help the ground forces in aerial maneuverability.

Let us tell you that China has also mastered AI and swarm-drone technology. This is the reason why the Indian Army is preparing to give this technology first to its Mechanized Forces deployed on the LAC adjoining Eastern Ladakh.

Know how these drones will work

Swarm Drone System consists of a large number of such aerial-vehicles, which are equipped with Artificial-Intelligence (AI). Due to AI technology, all these aerial vehicle (drone) not only stay in touch with the control center but are also interconnected. Due to the swarming algorithm of AI, all these drones share their responsibility themselves. Apart from this, they also target by going to the search area without colliding with each other.

With AI-enabled Automatic Target Recognition (ATR), the drone itself recognizes tanks, vehicles and soldiers and informs the control station. Due to this, there is no mistake of missing any target of the enemy and the weapon with which the enemy is to be targeted is also known quickly.

Why Indian Army needs Swarm Drones

The Indian Army needs swarm drones so that tactical commanders can get a force multiplier during surveillance. During surveillance, the ISR i.e. imagery, satellite and radar inputs of enemy air-defense equipment, command and control centers and military vehicles can be tracked by drone technology to field commanders.

Apart from getting Swarm drones from indigenous start-ups, the Indian Army is also working on the Autonomous Surveillance and Armed Drone Swarm (A-SADS) Mark-II to improve the technology with a different version for high altitudes. Could.

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