Made In India Weapons: The Indian Army is about to take a big step to crack down on China. This step will increase the strength of the army on the India-China border. The Indian Army has proposed to buy 12 Swathi weapons from the Ministry of Defense. These weapons are made by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and they are weapon locating radars also known as Swathi Weapon- Locating Radars. These weapons will be deployed on the India-China border. The Indian Army has proposed about Rs 1 thousand crore to buy these weapons.

Swathi Weapon- Locating Radars are Made in India

The weapon finding radar developed by DRDO and manufactured by Bhartiya Electronics Limited has achieved a great success. These are completely made in India weapons and they were also supplied to Armenia. Swati Weapon Locating Radar 50 kms. Detects enemy weapons like mortars, shells and rockets very quickly inside because they are fast, automatic and work at the right location. Not only this, these radars easily detect multiple projectiles fired from different weapons at different places. The Indian Army is using these weapons on the India-Pakistan border in Jammu and Kashmir.

Army got it for trial in the year 2018.

This radar system was given to the Indian Army for trial in the year 2018. The new chief of the Indian Army, General Manoj Pandey, is considered a major supporter of indigenous weapons. In such a situation, their emphasis is on the fact that the Indian Army should be strengthened and indigenous as well. Along with this, orders for many types of weapons like automatic artillery guns are likely to go only to Indian vendors. A big support is also expected in small arms as planned orders for foreign assault rifles are now going to be given to Indian vendors who have done significant work in this area.

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