Marcos Commandos: For the first time, special pictures of the Special Forces i.e. Marcos of the Indian Navy have come to the fore. In these pictures, Marine Commandos i.e. Marcos are seen interacting with Navy Chief Adm R Hari Kumar through video conferencing. Marcos commandos have an important role in the Navy’s strategic importance from deployment at naval bases to anti-piracy operations in the sea.

Little information and photos are revealed about Marcos.

Very little information and pictures about Marine Commandos i.e. Marcos are revealed. The picture of the Indian Army’s Special Forces ie Para-SF usually comes to the fore. The Para-SF commandos of the Army came into the limelight after the surgical strike (year 2016) conducted in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) on the LoC. A year before this, crossing the border of Myanmar, the cross-border raid was also carried out by Para-SF commandos. But there has been little discussion about Marine-Commandos. About a year and a half ago, when the then Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh was asked a question about the Marine Commandos during a press conference, he had bluntly said that the Special Forces operation is rarely talked about at the Naval Headquarters. Huh. In such a situation, they cannot tell much about the deployment and operation of Marcos.

Navy chief emphasizes on combat-ready

But on Thursday, the Indian Navy released pictures related to Marcos from its official Twitter account. In these pictures, Admiral Hari Kumar was talking to Marine Commandos through video conferencing. According to a Navy spokesperson, the Chief of Naval Staff under CNS-Connect, Admiral R Hari Kumar, is connecting with the Marines posted at Naval Bases in remote areas of the country through video calls. In this episode, the Navy Chief spoke to Marcos posted in different parts of the country. During this conversation, the Navy Chief, while acknowledging the presence of Marine Commandos at important bases, emphasized on being combat-ready. In these pictures, Marine commandos are seen wearing masks on their faces. In one picture, Marcos is seen in his full combat-gear with a helmet fitted with a camera and a special Trevorrow rifle in his hands.

Marine commandos are deployed on all warships

It is worth noting that all the warships of the Indian Army are stationed in the sea, Marine commandos are also stationed on all of them. During this, anti-piracy operations in the Arabian Sea i.e. action against pirates is their important charter. Apart from this, few people know that only Marcos has been posted in Kashmir’s Wular-Lake i.e. lake for the last several years. The special thing is that since the time Marcos has been deployed on Wular Lake, the infiltration of terrorists from the LoC in this area has reduced significantly. Before that, there was a lot of infiltration of terrorists from Pakistan side from Gurez and Bandipora sector and then terrorists used to enter Kashmir Valley through Wular-Lake. Even during the 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai, till the NSG commandos did not open a front against the terrorists, only the Marine Commandos stationed at the Mumbai Naval Base took on the terrorists from Pakistan.

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