Indian Oil Launches Indoor Solar Stove Named Surya Nutan, Very Attractive In Terms Of Price And Features

Surya Nutan By Indian Oil: India's leading oil company Indian...

Surya Nutan By Indian Oil: India’s leading oil company Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) on Wednesday introduced an indoor-use solar stove, which can be recharged. This solar powered stove can be used by keeping it in the kitchen.

No expense on cost except to buy this stove
Apart from the cost of purchasing this stove, there is no maintenance cost and it is being seen as an alternative to fossil fuels. Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri hosted an event at his official residence, where cooked food was served on this chulha. This stove has been named ‘Surya Nutan’.

Speaking on the occasion, SSV Ramkumar, Director (R&D) of IOC said that this chulha is different from solar cooker as it does not have to be kept in sunlight. Surya Nutan, developed by IOC’s Research and Development Department in Faridabad, is powered by solar energy sourced from rooftop PV panels.

Know all the features of this stove – how it will be very cheap
Three-time meals can be easily prepared for a family of four with this Surya Nutan Chulha. It only needs to be recharged once and it can easily reduce your cooking gas cost. Since it will run on fossil fuel ie fossil fuel, neither fuel nor wood is needed to run it. Using the powerful rays of the sun, this new solar stove will become a completely new experience for you and through this the cost of cooking kitchen food will be greatly reduced. Surya Nutan will be connected by a cable which will be connected to the solar plate outside or on the roof. Energy will be made from the solar plate which will come to the solar stove through pipe or cable. Solar energy will first store the thermal plate in the form of thermal energy, so that food can be cooked even at night.

Can be used even at night
This stove will store energy from the solar panels installed outside the house and with this, three times a day’s food can be easily prepared without any expenditure. Its specialty is that it does not have to be kept in the sun and it is capable of cooking food even at night.

what will be the price
Currently, the prototype of this Surya Nutan Chulha has been launched and currently it has been tried at 60 places across the country. According to the reports, the current price of the stove is between Rs 18000-30,000, but after government help, it will come down to between 10 and 12 thousand. Its life is at least 10 years, so spend once and get rid of cylinder refills every month and cook food cheaply.

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