Indian Railway Is Running 70 Dragon Rail Rakes Daily For Fast Transportation Of Coal Ann

Indian Railway: The Railways is leaving no stone unturned to...

Indian Railway: The Railways is leaving no stone unturned to improve its role to deal with the power crisis in North India amid the scorching heat in the country. For this, Railways has now started running a long haul train by adding 4 train rakes. Railways is running 70 such long haul trains daily. These racks are also called dragon racks. Due to these rakes, the railway is able to do maximum capacity utilization of the track. In this, a long haul rake is made by adding 4 coal rakes.

Know the data of coal rake
Railways is running a total of 469 coal rakes daily. In which 429 are indigenous coal rakes and 49 are imported coal rakes. There are about 58 wagons in a rake. So far 70 such long haul trains are being run daily in the last two weeks. A total of 1000 Dragon Racks have been run so far.

How much coal is in a dragon rake?
Today, this coal-laden dragon rake has been run from Korba to different power houses in North India. It has been fitted with 4 loco engines. 1600 tonnes of coal has been loaded in it. A total of 240 wagons are installed in this 3 km long Dragon Rake.

Let us tell you that due to the increased heat in the country these days, there is a potential danger of electricity, but the railways is trying its best to deal with this danger. Therefore, in the past, he had also canceled many of his trains for the transportation of coal.

Which trains were cancelled?
Railways decided to cancel at least 1100 trains till the month of May. In which 500 express trains and 580 passenger trains are included. Due to the cancellation of these trains, passengers may have to face problems.

What decision was taken for better supply of coal?
Many states of the country are currently facing power crisis. In such a situation, to overcome this power crisis, Railways is getting more and more goods transported by its freight trains. In such a situation, commuters from coal producing states like Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh are facing a lot of trouble. A large number of trains of this state have been canceled. Many states of the country like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand. Many states like Delhi etc are facing power crisis. In such a situation, the government has decided to supply maximum coal by holding several meetings.

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