Indian Railways Update: If you have also got a ticket to go to your home between May 12 and 17, then this is important news for you. These days trains running on some railway routes will be affected. Railways has given information to the passengers about this. Let us tell you that due to engineering work on Samastipur-Muktapur section from East Central Railway, passengers may face problems.

Bihar Routes trains will be affected
Let us tell you that due to this work, the effect of trains running on Bihar route will be seen. Due to this work, the railways have changed the routes of many trains. Along with this, it has also been decided to short terminate many trains.

Passengers should first check their train schedule
According to the information received from the spokesperson of the North Eastern Railway, the movement of many trains will be affected due to the engineering block. Passengers must check their train schedule and status before traveling, so that they do not face any problem.

Change happened on May 13 too
Train No. 12408 Amritsar-New Jalpaiguri Express will depart from Amritsar on 13 May 2022 via Samastipur-Barauni-Khagaria route instead of Samastipur-Hasanpur Road-Khagaria. Due to the work being done on the way, the route of this train has been changed.

This train was short terminated
Apart from this, the Railways has decided to short terminate train number 14674 Amritsar-Jayanagar Express between May 12 and May 15. This train will end its journey at Samastipur station instead of Jaynagar.

This train was short origin
Apart from this, on 14 May 2022, the train number – 14673 Jaynagar-Amritsar Express running from Jaynagar will be run from Samastipur railway station in place of Jaynagar. Along with this, 14649 Jaynagar-Amritsar Express running from Jaynagar on May 17, 2022 will be run from Samastipur station.

Railway said that train number 12523 New Jalpaiguri-New Delhi Express will run from New Jalpaiguri to Rusera Ghat on May 14, 2022 between Samastipur and will be controlled for 30 minutes.

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