Indian Railways Records Best Ever July Monthly Freight Loading Of 122.14 MT In July 22

Indian Railways: Indian Railways has recorded the best monthly freight...

Indian Railways: Indian Railways has recorded the best monthly freight traffic in the month of July. According to the released data, Railways recorded the best freight movement of 122.14 MT. The percentage of this freight has been 9.3 metric tonnes, which is 8.25 percent more than last year in July 2021. With these figures, the Railways has the best monthly freight load in the last 23 months.

Coal movement accelerated
Indian Railways has achieved an incremental loading of 11.54 MT in coal. Along with this, cargo of 1.22 metric tonne has been recorded in other goods, 0.56 metric ton in cement, followed by clinker and 0.47 metric ton in container. Along with this, the growth in terms of automobile shipments in the financial year 2002-23 till July has also been an attractive figure of 1698 rakes which is more than 994 rakes in the previous financial year.

There is also an increase in the figures from 1 April 2022 to 31 July 2022.
The cargo loaded from 1st April 2022 to 31st July 2022 has been 501.53 metric tonnes which is 49.40 metric tonnes more than the 452.13 metric tonnes achieved in 2021-22. In this way, an increase of 71 percent has been seen in it.

Good freight transportation even in rainy season
Let us tell you that during the rainy season, there are reports of cancellation or delay of many railway trains and during this time the effect is usually seen on freight traffic. However, this year the month of July, which is one of the major rainy months, can be said to be a good sign for good freight railways.

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