Indian Side Strongly Raised Objections Over The Chinese Flying Activities Near Eastern Ladakh During Military Talks | India warned about Chinese fighter jets flying near LAC, said

There is constant tension between India and China, every time...

There is constant tension between India and China, every time provocative actions are done on the border by the Chinese army. Recently it was told that Chinese fighter planes were seen flying near the LAC. These planes were very close to the Indian border. Now a strong objection has been expressed from India’s side regarding this. India has bluntly asked China to keep its planes away from the Ladakh border.

China doing provocative acts
In fact, military-level talks were held between India and China again on Tuesday, 2 August. In this conversation, the antics of Chinese aircraft on the border were mentioned by the Indian Army. India told China that since the last one month, Chinese fighter planes are continuously flying near the Ladakh border, such provocative acts should be stopped immediately.

Let us tell you that for the last few days, Chinese aircraft were seen flying continuously near the LAC. For this, complete preparations were made from India’s side as well. Army officers were constantly keeping an eye on these Chinese fighter planes hovering near the border. Now this issue has been raised in front of China.

China’s conflict with many countries
This conversation has happened between India and China at a time when China is having tension with many countries. China and America are in front of each other on the issue of Taiwan. At the same time, a big exercise is being done by the Chinese army near Taiwan. Chinese fighter planes are roaring on the Taiwan border and testing of dangerous missiles is also going on. China is furious after US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

In this conversation with China, Air Commander Amit Sharma took part on behalf of the Indian Air Force. Chinese officials of the same rank attended the meeting. It was told that during this time there was an objection from China that their fighter jets flying near the border of Tibet are being monitored by the Indian Air Force.

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