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Indigenous Aircraft Carrier INS Vikrant: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will...

Indigenous Aircraft Carrier INS Vikrant: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also be present when the country’s first indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant joins the Indian Navy’s combat fleet. The PM will be the chief guest at the commissioning of INS Vikrant on September 2 in Kochi, Kerala. The Indian Navy itself announced this on Thursday in the capital Delhi.

Addressing the Curtain Razor Press Conference of INS Vikrant, Vice Chief (Co-Chief), Indian Navy, Vice Admiral SN Ghormade said that September 2 is a historic day. India has joined the ranks of six selected countries in the world, which have the capacity to build an aircraft carrier of 40 thousand tons. The remaining five countries are America, Russia, China, France and England. According to the Vice Admiral, the induction of INS Vikrant into India’s war fleet will help in maintaining peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

30 aircraft will be deployed on Vikrant

The Vice Admiral said that 30 aircraft will be stationed on Vikrant, of which 20 will be fighter planes and 10 will be helicopters. He told that at present, MiG-29K fighter jets will be deployed on Vikrant and after that TEDBF i.e. Two Engine Deck Based Fighter Jet will be deployed by DRDO and HAL. Because it may take a few years for the TEDBF to be fully ready, America’s F-18A Super Hornet or France’s Rafale (M) can be deployed in the meantime. The trials of both these fighter jets have started and after the final report, it will be decided which fighter aircraft will be deployed. Vice Chief Ghormade said that from the month of November this year, MiG-29 fighter jets will start being deployed on Vikrant.

Actually, the strength of any aircraft-carrier warship is the fighter planes and helicopters deployed on it. The aircraft carrier operates as a floating airfield in the ocean. Fighter jets and helicopters deployed on it monitor and protect the ocean several hundred miles away. If any enemy warship does not even dare to hit the submarine around it. Vikrant’s top speed is 28 knots and it can cover a distance of 7500 nautical miles at a time, that is, it can reach Brazil after leaving India at a time. Fighter jets deployed on it can also cover a distance of one or two thousand miles.

Special eye on enemy submarines

Among the rotary wing aircraft that will be on Vikrant, there will be six anti-submarine helicopters, which will keep a special eye on enemy submarines. India has recently signed a deal with the US for 24 such multi-mission helicopters, MH-60R ie Romeo Helicopter. India has also got two (02) Romeo helicopters out of these. Apart from this, two reconnaissance helicopters and only two will be used in search and rescue missions.

The fly-deck i.e. runway of the Vikrant Aircraft Carrier of the Indian Navy has been prepared on skiing technology. This technique is also called short takeoff but arrested recovery ie Stobar. This means takeoff by skiing from the short runway. Because its runway is only 250 meters. Therefore, fighter jets will be landed on it with the Arrested Recovery Technique. Out of the total 30 aircraft deployed on Vikrant, 10 will be on the flight-deck at a time and the remaining 20 will be in a large hangar built in Vikrant itself. Two huge lifts have been made to bring fighter jets and helicopters from the hangar to the flight-deck. Vikrant will also have 32 Medium Range Surface to Air Missiles (MRSAM) and AK 630 Guns (Cannon).

runway bigger than two football grounds

The strength of any aircraft carrier is its flight-deck, that is, its runway. Vikrant’s runway is about 262 meters long, that is, bigger than two football grounds. According to the Indian Navy, 10 Olympic swimming pools can be built on Vikrant’s runway. INS Vikrant has a width of about 62 meters and a height of 50 meters.

The motto of the indigenous aircraft carrier Vikrant is ‘Jayem Sam Yudhi Sprudha’. The meaning of this hymn taken from Rigveda is that if anyone comes to fight with me, I will defeat him. The new Vikrant has been named after the Indian Navy’s retired aircraft carrier Vikrant, which played an important role in the victory over Pakistan in the 1971 war.

India needs two aircraft carriers

India needs at least two aircraft carriers because the country’s sea borders of about seven thousand kilometers are two-way. One is adjacent to the Bay of Bengal in the east and the other is adjacent to the Arabian Sea in the west. In such a situation, India needed two aircraft-carrier warships on two different fronts. Apart from this, India has a Special Economic Zone of about 23 lakh square miles in the Indian Ocean, to protect it, India needs two aircraft carriers. Recently, India’s INS Viraat aircraft carrier was also decommissioned. In such a situation, the Indian Navy currently has the INS Vikramaditya aircraft carrier, which India took from Russia in the year 2013.

The Indian Navy also needs INS Vikrant because the effect of the ongoing dispute with China on the LAC is being seen in the Indian Ocean as well. The activities of Chinese warships and submarines have increased significantly in the Indian Ocean Region. In such a situation, there is a dire need of Vikrant to rein in the activities of enemies. When Vikrant joins India’s war fleet and is deployed in the sea, then many more warships will also operate with him. Vikrant will also do ‘Power Projection’ of India by crossing India’s maritime borders as a Carrier Battle Group ie CBG.

Vikrant was not that easy to build

Madhu Nair, CMD, Cochin Shipyard, present in the Navy’s press conference on Thursday, told in a special conversation with ABP News that the creation of aircraft carrier Vikrant is a historic and proud moment for India, because India is included in the category of those selected countries. Those who have such excellent technology, which can from the design of the state-of-the-art aircraft-carrier warship to manufacture and equip it with weapons. The indigenous aircraft carrier, Vikrant has been built by the Cochin-Shipyard, while the Vikrant has been designed by the Naval Design Bureau of the Navy.

According to Madhu Nair, the making of Vikrant was not that easy. According to the Navy, despite the challenges of the Kovid epidemic, the Cochin Shipyard has achieved a milestone by starting the Sea-Trial. Let us tell you that the current aircraft-carrier warship INS Vikrant is running behind its schedule. The construction work of Vikrant started in the year 2009 and was ‘launched’ in the ocean for the first time in the year 2013. Vikrant has 76% indigenous equipment. Specially for this, Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) has prepared such steel which cannot rust.

13 years this team prepared

The indigenous aircraft carrier has an electric cable of about two and a half thousand kilometers long. That is, if the cable in it is laid, then it can reach Delhi from Kochi. Vikrant has 150 km long pipes and 2000 valves. For the last 13 years, a team of about 2000 engineers, workers and technicians was working day and night to make it. Apart from this, communication system, network system, ship data network, guns, combat management system etc. are all indigenous. About 20 thousand crores have been spent in making Vikrant. According to the CMD of Cochin Shipyard, more than 50 Indian companies associated with Cochin Shipyard and about 40 thousand people got indirect employment due to the creation of Vikrant.

INS Vikrant is about 262 meters long and 62 meters wide. It has 14 decks i.e. floors and 2300 compartments. 1700 sailors can be deployed on it. Special arrangements have been made in indigenous aircraft carriers for women officers and women firefighters. That is, women sailors can also be stationed here. During the C-trial, six women officers were stationed on it. According to the Navy, food for 4800 people can be prepared in Vikrant’s kitchen in a day and 10 thousand chapatis i.e. rotis can be baked in a day.

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