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Indore News: Today in the financial capital Indore, there was...

Indore News: Today in the financial capital Indore, there was a stir after the cylinder blast. Seeing the fire, it took a formidable form. The flames spread in the sky with explosions. Within a few moments, the house was burnt to ashes. Seeing the flames, a crowd of people gathered on the spot. Amidst the chaos, people informed the fire brigade. After getting the information, the fire brigade team reached the spot and brought the fire under control after a lot of effort.

Effortlessly extinguished fire in 3-4 hours

It took the fire brigade 3 to 4 hours to douse the fire. The magnitude of the fire can be gauged from the hard work of the fire brigade. Thankfully no one was present at the house at the time of the fire. The entire family was out of the house at the time of the accident. The fire incident took place in village Kali Billod of Betma police station area. The owner had gone out for some work after locking the house with the Mithun family. It was a while since the family left the house.

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Blast alternately in two gas cylinders

Two gas cylinders exploded alternately. Suddenly a huge fire broke out in a house in Kali Billod village. The fire spread so fast that within a few moments it engulfed the gas cylinders. As of now, the reason for the fire has not been revealed. Luckily the member of the house was out. There was no loss of life in the fire and a major accident was averted. However, all the belongings of the household got burnt in the fire. Fire brigade and local Betma police have started investigation and the damage is being assessed.

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