Indore News Even After 75 Years Of Independence Roads Were Not Built In Village Of Sanwer Assembly ANN | Indore News: Road not built in this village of Madhya Pradesh for 70 years, villagers said

MP News: On one hand, where the whole country is...

MP News: On one hand, where the whole country is celebrating the 75th festival of independence. At the same time, there is a village in Sanwer assembly constituency of Indore where people are longing for the road till date. State Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan makes big claims of development on the one hand and tells the roads of the state to be better than the roads of foreign countries. On the other hand, the people of Puvadla village, located in the assembly of Minister Tulsiram Silavat in the state government, are talking about not voting due to lack of roads. Villagers are standing in protest on the streets outside the village with banner posters in hand.

This is the main problem of this village

In the country, the government is talking about development for all, but in the Puvadla village of the biggest panchayat of the Saver Vidhan Sabha of Indore, the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh, it is not known why the development work was not done by the government. The total population of this village is 500, in which 60 families live. There are about 238 votes in this village. Angered by the lack of roads in the village, the residents of Puvadla village have decided not to vote in the upcoming elections. The people of the village talked to the leaders many times regarding the construction of the road, but every time only assurance has been received. People told that after winning the election, no leader even looks back towards this village. Chen Singh Patel, a resident of the village, says that this village is situated within 6 kilometers of the double post under Shivni Chowki. The main problem of this village is road and water.

Road has not been built in the village for the last 70 years

Due to lack of road, children are not able to go to school for four months. Road has not been built in this village for the last 70 years. He said that the people of the village have decided that if there is no road, then there is no vote. According to the elderly woman Rukma Bai Bairagi, she came to this village after getting married 70 years ago and since then the road has not been built in this village. During the rainy season, women have to be carried on a cot at the time of delivery to the double post, six kilometers away. A state with a population of lakhs, where the leaders ignore the development of villages with less population, then it is seen raising a question mark for the less populated area or weaker section.

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