Infosys Work From Home Facility Is Withdrawn Now Employees Will Have To Work From Office In Manner Phaser Know Details

Infosys Work From Home: Due to the Corona epidemic, the...

Infosys Work From Home: Due to the Corona epidemic, the lives of people around the world were badly affected. Crores of people had lost their jobs. Along with this, there was a big change in the way of working in the office. During this time, most of the IT sector companies had started providing work from home facility to their employees. Now after the corona vaccination, now people have to return to the office (Work From Office). Recently many companies have asked their employees to rejoin the office. Now the name of India’s leading IT company Infosys has also been included in this list. The company has recently decided that it is going to start the work from office system again. For this, the company is trying to implement this system phase wise.

The company informed its employees
According to a report published in Business Today, the big IT company Infosys has informed all its employees through an internal notice that they should rejoin their office now. The company has presented a plan of ‘three phase work from office’ in front of the employees. In this, there is a plan to gradually call the personnel to the office phase wise. Earlier, TCS had also asked its employees to gradually join the office in a phase wise manner. TCS is currently following the hybrid model. Along with this, the company also said that according to the need and condition of the personnel, flexibility will be shown in this rule.

Personnel will be called to office in a phased manner
According to the information sent to the employees of the company, in the first phase, the employees will be called only twice in the first week. Along with this, the personnel will also be given the facility of transfer to other cities. In such a situation, workers can re-locate themselves according to their needs. The company has about 247 offices in 54 countries.

CEO said this
Giving information on this matter, Infosys CEO Salil Parekh had told that we are planning to call all our employees to the office. Along with this, he said that while doing work from office, we will definitely keep some flexibility. Along with this, this facility will also be given to the employees so that they can work at the place of their choice.

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