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Indore: International Yoga Day was celebrated across the world today....

Indore: International Yoga Day was celebrated across the world today. In Indore Jail, 3 thousand prisoners practiced yoga simultaneously. On this occasion, 3 foreign prisoners also did yoga along with the prisoners lodged in the Central Jail of Indore. The experts told the prisoners the benefits of yoga on this occasion.

Yoga Day celebrated in the country and the world

International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on 21st June in the country and the world. The Ministry of AYUSH is celebrating International Yoga Day this year with the theme ‘Yoga for Humanity’. Yoga Day was also celebrated in the Central Jail of Indore. Dr AK Dwivedi, member of Central Council of Homeopathic Research, Ministry of AYUSH participated in this. He told that by the way, a yoga camp is organized in the Central Jail on the third Saturday of the month. He said that along with the organization of International Yoga Day, regular yoga practice is also being done.

He told that it could not be organized for the last two years due to Corona. But once again the inmates of the Central Jail were made to do yoga collectively. According to him, about 3000 prisoners did yoga in different barracks at one time. Dr Dwivedi told that 3000 prisoners have not done yoga together in the Central Jail together yet. This is a record in itself.

There are 3 foreign prisoners in Indore’s Central Jail

3 foreign prisoners are serving their sentence in the Central Jail of Indore. These foreign prisoners also did yoga. It was the center of attraction in the jail. He said that doing yoga is pleasant for everyone. He said that yoga will go a long way in removing the mental trauma that people suffer from coming to jail.

What did the jail superintendent tell

Jail superintendent Alka Sonkar asked the prisoners the benefits of yoga, and the foreign prisoners told that they benefit a lot from yoga. The jail superintendent told that since foreign prisoners are serving the sentence of crime in our country. Due to being away from his family, he also gets into depression, in such a situation, yoga is very effective for him. Foreign prisoners say that after doing yoga, they feel energetic. The pain in his body is going away. He said that he was in depression because of coming to jail because he is away from his family in jail of other country. Yoga not only gives physical strength but also gives mental peace.

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