IPL 2022 Playoffs Punjab Kings Sunrisers Hyderabad: The 60th match of IPL 2022 will be played between Punjab Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore. This match will be important for both the teams. If RCB wins this match, then their way to reach the playoffs will be easy. Whereas if you lose, the problem will increase. On the other hand, talking about Punjab, it is currently at 8th place in the points table. Despite this, however, his hopes of reaching the playoffs remain intact. But for this he will have to beat RCB.

If we talk about this season’s playoff, then Gujarat Titans has qualified in it. He has 18 points. On the other hand, when it comes to Punjab, it has only 10 points. Teams of Punjab and Sunrisers Hyderabad can still reach the playoffs. But for this, both these teams will have to win their remaining 3-3 matches with a good run rate. Hyderabad also has 10 points like Punjab. But his net run rate is better than Punjab.

To reach the playoffs of Punjab and Hyderabad, it is necessary that along with the victory of these two teams, the teams of Bangalore, Rajasthan and Delhi Capitals lose their remaining matches. The net run rate of these teams is also important to be worse than Punjab and Hyderabad. So it is very difficult for Punjab and Hyderabad to reach the playoffs. Even if these teams win their remaining matches with a good run rate, then the rest will depend on luck.

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IPL 2022: To reach the playoffs, RCB will have to win today, it will be difficult to reach the top 4 if they lose

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