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Iran Nuclear Weapons: Some countries of the world are scuttling...

Iran Nuclear Weapons: Some countries of the world are scuttling efforts to reduce the nuclear arms race. On the one hand, efforts are being made to restore the nuclear deal, while Iran has threatened to make nuclear weapons again. This is also a direct threat to America in a way. Iranian officials are now seen openly talking about nuclear weapons. It is being told that Iran is enriching itself in terms of uranium.

Iran has reportedly said that it is making a weapon that has the ability to turn the American city of New York into a pile of rubble. Many analysts also believe that Iran may reach a level that North Korea did some 20 years ago.

Is Iran making a nuclear bomb?

A two-minute online video related to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Iran was posted. In which there is a threat to turn New York into ruins. According to London-based media outlet Iran International, Telegram channels have said that if any step like attack is taken by the US or Israel, then Iran can make a nuclear bomb in a very short time.

What did Ayatollah Ali Khamenei say?

Kamal Kharazi, an adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was quoted by Al Jazeera as saying in mid-July that in a few days we are able to enrich uranium by 60 percent and we can easily enrich it by 90 percent. Can produce enriched uranium. Iran has the technical means to make a nuclear bomb, but Iran has not taken any decision to make it.

Will America use power?

By 2003, Iran had abandoned its military nuclear program, according to US intelligence agencies, US European allies and IAEA inspectors. According to IAEA calculations, Iran has reserves of about 3,800 kilograms (8,370 lb) of enriched uranium. The 2015 nuclear deal sought to guarantee that Tehran could not develop nuclear weapons. US President Joe Biden recently said that he would use force as a last resort to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Iran had accused the US of provoking tensions in the Middle East a few days ago.

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