ISRO SSLV Launch Country Made Smallest Rocket From Sriharikota On 7 August 2022 Ann

ISRO SSLV Launch Date : ISRO, which has already proved...

ISRO SSLV Launch Date : ISRO, which has already proved its mettle in the increasing competition and commercial launches in the space sector, will launch its smallest launch vehicle SSLV (Small Satellite Launch Vehicle, SSLV) on Sunday i.e. 7 August. ISRO EOS-02 mission will be launched through SSLV. This satellite is equipped with new technology. Which will work in fields like Forestry, Agriculture, Geology and Hydrology.

Know what are the features of SSLV

This launch vehicle is not only smaller than PSLV, but it has also been designed in such a way that in view of the growing small satellite market and launches in the future, it will prove to be effective. In which our own and foreign satellites will be launched. With this, the powerful PSLV will be free from the load of small satellites. Because SSLV will now do all that work. In such a situation, PSLV will be prepared for a big mission. This SSLV will be able to place small satellites in low earth orbit. This mission will be launched from Sriharikota at 9:18 am on Sunday.

SSLV is brain child of ISRO Chief S Somnath

Let us tell you that SSLV is the brain child of ISRO Chief S Somnath. The SSLV is capable of carrying a payload weighing 500 kg, which will place the satellite in an orbit at an altitude of 500 km. Whereas in its comparison, PSLV can put a payload weighing 1750 in Sun Synchronous Orbit i.e. 600 km above orbit.

SSLV is a three stage rocket

There is no doubt that the demand for launching micro, nano and small satellites is high in the commercial market at this time, so SSLV can prove to be a better option for these launches. SSLV weighing 110 kg is a three-stage rocket whose all parts are of solid stage, it can be assembled in just 72 hours. While the rest of the launch vehicle takes about two months. Considering the growing small satellite launch market, SSLV can be made into a better player space sector in the coming days.

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