Jaisalmer’s Social Worker Manohar Singh Got The Daughters Of Poor Sweepers Married, Raised All The Expenses Ann

Manohar Singh Jaisalmer: Manohar Singh Jodha, who lives in Jodha...

Manohar Singh Jaisalmer: Manohar Singh Jodha, who lives in Jodha village of Jaisalmer, in the outskirts of western Rajasthan, has set an example among the people in his village. In fact, he took care of the marriage expenses of the daughters of the poor sweeper. Not only this, he organized the marriage ceremony of both the daughters of the sweeper in his own village and called the procession to his own village. On this occasion, the people of all the villages welcomed the procession and gave respect to the procession with their hands and fed them food.

Fulfilled the dream of poor sweeper
Manohar Singh fulfilled the dream of a poor sweeper father by taking full responsibility of marriage. Along with this, an example has been set in the society, which everyone is praising. All the villagers of Jodha village also gave their support in this marriage, everyone together welcomed the processions. The people of the village respected and respected the wedding processions. Everyone is discussing this initiative in Jaisalmer. Everyone is praising this marriage.

Manohar Singh set an example
Madanlal, who works on contract in Jaisalmer Municipal Council, has 5 daughters. He along with his wife Asha Devi does the cleaning work in the Indira Colony area. He had to marry his daughters with pomp, but in today’s modern times, he did not have so much money, due to which he was worrying all the time that how would he fulfill the biggest dream of his life.

In the meantime, the marriage of the girls was fixed and her concern increased. While cleaning on the 1st day, she told Jaisalmer’s social worker Manohar Singh Jodha, Jodha promised Madanlal that she would bear all the expenses of the marriage. Keeping his promise, Manohar Singh took the responsibility of the entire marriage on himself and got Madanlal’s daughters married. One daughter’s procession Phalodi and the other’s Salasar, Manohar Singh Jodha gave a warm welcome to the processions. All the preparations for the wedding were done by Manohar Singh. He made complete arrangements for the reception of the baraatis, including food, DJ.

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