Jalore Dalit Student Death Case SIT Will Investigate Order Issued

Dalit Student Death Case: The SIT will investigate the death...

Dalit Student Death Case: The SIT will investigate the death of a Dalit student in Jalore, Rajasthan. Seeing this matter gaining momentum, the SIT has been given the responsibility of investigating it. On behalf of the Inspector General of Police, Jodhpur, the SIT has been ordered to investigate the matter. Meaning now the SIT will bring the truth of this whole matter in front of everyone, orders have also been given to the SIT to investigate and report the findings.

What did CM Ashok Gehlot say on the Jalore incident?

At the same time, regarding this matter, recently Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that I want to say that incidents happen all over the country but the way we take immediate action in Rajasthan, it does not happen anywhere else. They (BJP) will call it Jungle Raj but people understand everything and are supporting us. Earlier, the Rajasthan government has also announced financial help for the victim’s family.

Along with this, Congress leader Sachin Pilot had said that I hope that the government and administration will provide proper justice to the family members at the earliest, not just doing formal rhetoric. However, the resentment in the Dalit community regarding this matter is not taking the name of lessening.

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Father accuses teacher of beating

Let us tell you that in Jalore, Jodhpur, a teacher had thrashed a Dalit girl student for allegedly touching a pot, leading to the death of the student. In this case, the student’s father had alleged that on July 20, class III student Inder Meghwal had touched a pot of water, after which teacher Chhail Singh beat up the child. The father alleged that the beating of teacher Chail Singh caused internal injuries on his right eye and ear. Not only this, Khail Singh also used casteist words.

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