Jammu Kashmir Youth Killed In Accidental Firing Shopian His Family Views On This Accident

Valley Youth Killed In Accidental Firing: A young man named...

Valley Youth Killed In Accidental Firing: A young man named Asif Ayub died accidentally on Wednesday morning in Shopian, Jammu and Kashmir. Asif was accidentally shot by a policeman in which he died. Asif was the youngest of his three siblings. He studied in college and was studying in the second year. Asif died a short distance away from the house.

After Asif’s death, mourning spread in his house. On Wednesday evening, when Asif’s body reached him home at Potorwal in Shopian district. Asif’s brother Rahil Shah says that it is harvest season, no one is thinking about Asif’s death. Referring to the police and the army in the valley, Rahil said that out of all of us brothers and sisters, Asif was most afraid of uniforms.

‘Asif used to wait for the convoy to pass’

Recalling Asif, Rahul told that if we were going somewhere and a police or army convoy passed on the way, Asif used to say that let it pass first and he used to move away from the way. He never even argued. Even if the police or army people asked him to show his I-card, even then he would not get upset… used to show it.

calm living asif

Asif’s father Mohammad Ayub Padru, remembering his son, said that he was a person who lived a very quiet life. He kept himself in books. He said that even when he was shot, he was going to his aunt’s orchard to help them cut apples and was on the way. The family says that at the checkpoint where Asif was shot, Asif and his brother were asked to move away. Both were on the bike and as they were leaving the bike, Asif was hit in the head from behind.

Asif’s family questions

His family did not understand the matter of Asif’s death. The father said that he wished that the bullet had not hit Asif’s head but had been hit somewhere else. Why didn’t the police bullet hit the road? Looks like another part of his body. So that we could have saved him. Asif’s father said that the police caught the person responsible for his death. They are saying that there was a fire by mistake and the bullet hit Asif directly. He said that at least they gave the body of our son.

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