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Jharkhand Political Crisis: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren may have...

Jharkhand Political Crisis: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren may have to resign from the post of CM at any time. Chief Minister Hemant Soren is accused of misusing his position and got the mining lease allotted in his own name during his tenure. In the matter of the benefits of the post, Soren seems to be getting stuck in such a way that it is difficult for him to get out. In this matter, the Election Commission of India has submitted its advice to Governor Ramesh Singh Bains regarding his assembly membership. The governor can take a decision on his disqualification at any time. At present, the Election Commission has given its opinion in a sealed cover to the Governor regarding this.

These leaders had lost their membership
Chief Minister Hemant Soren is not the first public representative to get involved in the office of profit case. Even before this there have been many leaders who have been surrounded in this matter. JMM and former Jharkhand Chief Minister Shibu Soren, Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Jaya Bachchan have also been involved in this matter. Due to this all of them had to lose their membership. Let us tell you that the Election Commission has always had a strict stand in this matter. It is believed that the commission can also take a tough stand in the case of Hemant Soren.

Shibu Soren had to leave Rajya Sabha
According to officials associated with the Election Commission, the first case of office of profit came in 2001, when senior Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) leader and current president Shibu Soren’s membership of the Rajya Sabha was canceled in a similar case. Shibu Soren was accused of concealing the fact that he was holding an ‘office of profit’ during his nomination to the Rajya Sabha, while Shibu Soren was the chairman of the Jharkhand Region Autonomous Council at that time. After the uproar, the matter reached the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ordered its cancellation.

Sonia Gandhi was surrounded in the second case
The second case came in 2006, in which Congress President Sonia Gandhi had to resign from her Lok Sabha membership of Rae Bareli. Sonia Gandhi was accused that along with the Lok Sabha MP from Rae Bareli, she was also the chairman of the ‘National Advisory Council’ formed during the UPA government. Which was termed as office of profit by the Election Commission of India. The third important case related to this also came in 2006 itself. In this case, Rajya Sabha MP Jaya Bachchan had to resign from the membership of Rajya Sabha. She was accused that along with the MP, she is also handling the responsibility of the chairman of ‘Uttar Pradesh Film Development Corporation’. He also approached the Supreme Court against this, but he did not get any relief from there too.

what is office of profit
There is a provision in the Constitution of India that the Parliament and the State Legislatures are to be kept free from government pressure in any way. According to Article 102 (1) A of the Constitution, no MP or MLA can hold any such post during his tenure from where he gets salary, allowance or other allowance. Even under Section 9 (a) of the Representation of the People Act, MPs and MLAs cannot take any other post. The scope of office of profit includes appointment to any post as well as obtaining any kind of government benefit i.e. any license and lease etc. The case of CM Hemant Soren is a violation of this law.

So JMM’s government will survive!
According to sources, it is claimed that the Election Commission has advised Hemant Soren to be disqualified from the membership of the assembly. However, no final decision has been taken by the Governor yet. However, even if CM Hemant Soren’s chair of the Chief Minister goes, then ‘UPA’ can stake claim to form the government again, because they have sufficient number of MLAs to form the government. Besides the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, the Soren government includes the Congress and the Rashtriya Janata Dal. In the present assembly of Jharkhand, JMM has 30 MLAs, Congress 16 and RJD has 1 MLA. While the Soren government also has the support of one and two independent MLAs of SAPI (ML).

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