Jodhpur Division Of North Western Railway Earned Rs 5.89 Crore In A Day From Freight Loading ANN

Rajasthan News: Jodhpur Division of North-Western Railway has achieved a...

Rajasthan News: Jodhpur Division of North-Western Railway has achieved a remarkable revenue of Rs 5.29 crore in a single day, setting a new record in the field of freight loading. Divisional Railway Manager Geetika Pandey said that on June 24, 786 wagon goods were loaded from the major loading areas of the division through 17 rakes, which weighed 42 thousand 311 tonnes, for different parts of the country in 24 hours. He said that Jodhpur division got revenue of Rs 5.89 crore in a single day from .042 million tonnes loading, which is the highest and best ever.

Geetika Pandey said that at present 7.27 tonnes of goods are being shipped annually on Jodhpur division. In which a target has been set to increase three times to 25 million tonnes by the year 2027 and keeping that in mind, the division is moving forward with the cooperation of the officers and traders.

Jodhpur’s major place in the Indian Railways in the field of loading

Let us tell you that in the field of freight loading, Jodhpur Division of North-Western Railway has a significant contribution throughout the country. To increase this further, the concerned officers are working diligently by innovating and using the available resources efficiently on the instructions of the DRM.

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They have maximum shipments

The maximum loading of limestone occurs from Sonu Siding of Jaisalmer of Jodhpur division. Apart from this, shipment of cement by cement companies from Marwar, Mundwa and Gotan by cement companies is being done continuously from China Clay and other loading sidings.

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