Four children died due to drowning in Kalibera area of ​​Jodhpur city of Rajasthan. The bodies of the four children have been taken out. Four children of the Pakistani displaced settlement had gone to bathe in the water filled in the stone mine in the area last evening. When they did not return home, the search was started. This morning, with the help of divers, the police took out the bodies of the four and took them to the mortuary. Among the dead were two real brothers and they were related to each other.

search for no return
Sursagar police station officer Gautam Dotasara said that Ramesh Bhil’s 8-year-old son Poonamchand and 5-year-old Yuvraj, besides Govind Bhil’s 12-year-old son Tikam and 8-year-old son Gopal were missing since yesterday afternoon from the settlement of Pak migrants located in Kali Beri area. When they did not return home till evening, their families first searched for them at their level, but the children were nowhere to be found. There were marriages at three or four places in the area. In such a situation, the family members sat on the assumption that the children must have gone to some wedding ceremony in the area and would come back on their own.

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how did you know
This morning someone saw the dead body of a child floating on top of the water filled in a stone mine in Kaliberi area. On his information a large number of people gathered there. After a while he was identified as Ramesh’s son Poonamchand. From this it was believed that all the four children had drowned in the mine. After this, with the help of the people of the area, some local youths landed in the water filled in the mine and they started the search operation.

were trapped in the depths
In a short while the Sursagar police team also reached the spot. The bodies of the three other children who landed in the water along with Poonamchand were trapped somewhere in the depth of the water filled in the mine. After about three hours of effort, the bodies of the three could be pulled out. The police have sent the four bodies to the MGH mortuary.

chaos in basti
About three hundred families reside in the settlement of Pakistani displaced people in Kaliberi region. As soon as the information about the death of four children of the settlement reached there, there was an uproar. A large number of people reached the spot along with the relatives of the deceased. The people mourning at the scene of the incident were handled with great difficulty.

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