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Gajendra Singh Shekhawat on Ashok Gehlot: After the Udaipur incident,...

Gajendra Singh Shekhawat on Ashok Gehlot: After the Udaipur incident, the Gehlot government has come under the target of the opposition. The opposition is constantly raising questions about the law and order situation. The Union Jal Shakti Minister made a scathing attack on the Rajasthan government and the Congress party. He said that this time also the criminals were spared, so next year the public is ready to account for you.

‘This is the result of appeasement politics’
Union Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat made a scathing attack on Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot regarding the Udaipur incident. Shekhawat said, “In Udaipur, where an innocent civilian Kanhaiya Lal Teli was brutally murdered, the Congress party had contemplated just a few days back. The contemplation was to be done on the deteriorating condition of the party, but the Congress party had its own well-known agenda. The BJP-Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was busy in cursing, because it had to please a particular class, not contemplation.This appeasement politics is being carried forward by the Rajasthan chief Ashok Gehlot, whose fatal consequences are being seen by the people of the state and the country. The murder of Taylor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur is also a fatal result of this appeasement politics.”

In his statement, the Union Minister said that what is the reason that the police did not act on the complaint of Kanhaiyalal Teli. He had even provided the mobile numbers of the accused to the police. Due to the threats, he kept his shop closed, but the police kept sleeping. It is the result of the failure of the police and the state government that as soon as Kanhaiya Lal opened his shop, his life was taken. How high are the spirits of criminals in Rajasthan, it is known from the fact that they released the video waving arms after brutally murdered.

‘Tie the hands of the police’
Shekhawat said that similar failure of the government has been seen by the people in cities like Karauli, Jodhpur, Dholpur, Bhilwara etc. How the peaceful procession of Ram Navami in Karauli was attacked? How was one unilateral disturbance created in Jodhpur? In Karauli, some sources were found associating with PFI and other organizations, but the Rajasthan government is still silent on this. The culprits of the riots in Karauli and Jodhpur were clearly recognized, but the hands of the police were tied so that a particular section should not get angry with the Congress party and the Gehlot government.

Union Minister Shekhawat said, “The extent of the politics of appeasement is that despite being his home region, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot did not come to Jodhpur. Curfew was imposed in Karauli for almost a month, but did not go there either. The Chief Minister also criticized the incident in Udaipur. Just wanting to end their duties by saying it is sad. Chief Minister, the public is watching everything.”

The Union Minister said, “The Udaipur incident should be investigated with all seriousness. Those who took Kanhaiya Lal’s life, only they are not guilty. Who are the people behind them, they also need to be brought under the purview of the law, even if they are.” No matter how influential he may be. Hopefully the Chief Minister will come out of his politics of appeasement and protect the people of the state.He said that if the criminals are spared this time too, then next year the public is ready to count on you. The Congress has been wiped out from the country. Now the collapse of its last forts Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh is also certain.

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