Joe Biden Will Meet Swedens PM And Finnish President At White House Both Countries Need NATO Membership

NATO Membership: US President Joe Biden will welcome Swedish Prime...

NATO Membership: US President Joe Biden will welcome Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson and Finnish President Souli Niinisto to the White House on Thursday (May 19). The three leaders will discuss Finland and Sweden’s NATO application and European security. The White House said the three leaders would discuss global issues as well as strengthen close partnerships and support for Ukraine.

Let us tell you that Finland and Sweden want to become members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Finland’s president and government announced on Sunday that his country was willing to join NATO. Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has announced the official decision to begin the process of applying for the country to become a member of NATO. Andersen said on Monday, “It is clear that Sweden’s parliament has a vast majority on the issue of joining NATO.”

Earlier, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin had said that joining NATO would help guarantee peace and security for Finland. “We have waged wars with Russia, and we don’t want such a future for ourselves or for our children,” he said.

Putin sees NATO expansion as a threat
At present, the number of NATO member states is 30, which includes Britain, America, Canada and many other European countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin sees the expansion of NATO as a security threat. Putin has previously told Finland that joining NATO would prove to be a mistake.

Changed attitude of Sweden and Finland
Sweden has historically been neutral since World War II. On the other hand, Finland, which shares a border with Russia, has so far stayed away from it to avoid opposition from Putin. But now both the countries are expressing their desire to leave their old attitude and become a member of NATO.

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