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Juice For Heart Patient: In today's lifestyle, due to habits...

Juice For Heart Patient: In today’s lifestyle, due to habits like adulterated food, less workout, stress and smoking-drinking, heart related diseases are bothering people more. A heart attack occurs when blood clots form in the arteries. Maintaining proper blood flow in the body is essential to avoid heart attack. By making changes in diet and lifestyle, you can avoid such diseases to a great extent. You should include such juices in the diet, which can help to clean the vessels and improve blood circulation.

1- Ginger, garlic and lemon juice- Ginger, garlic and lemon juice are very beneficial for heart patients. Drinking it reduces the risk of heart attack. Ginger, garlic and lemon juice cleans the arteries. You can also make this juice at home. For this, grate a bunch of garlic and add an inch piece of ginger to it. Now squeeze a lemon in this juice. Now boil these three things in lukewarm water and drink it after cooling a little. Garlic acts as a natural blood thinner. Cholesterol is also reduced by drinking this juice. There is also less block in blood vessels. On the other hand, ginger strengthens the walls of the arteries. Lemon contains elements like vitamin C and flavonoids, which clean blood vessels.

2- Cucumber, mint and celery juice- This juice is also beneficial for heart patients. Cucumber contains soluble fiber, which clears the arteries. Cucumber contains polyphenols, which clear blood vessels and improve blood flow. On the other hand, fresh mint leaves protect the blood vessels from shrinking. Peppermint also reduces high blood pressure. On the other hand, celery contains antioxidants. In which vitamin A and vitamin K are there, it reduces bad cholesterol from the arteries.

3- Citrus fruit juice- You must definitely include citrus fruits in the diet. You can include orange, lemon, grapefruit juice in this. Citrus fruits have antioxidant properties, which reduce inflammation and reduce blood clotting. Heart disease is also reduced by the juice of citrus fruits. Citrus fruit juice is rich in vitamin C, which strengthens immunity.

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