Kannada TV Actress Chethana Raj Dies During Fat Removal Surgery, Know About Her

Chethana Raj Death: On Tuesday, such a news came from...

Chethana Raj Death: On Tuesday, such a news came from the Kannada film industry, due to which everyone was shocked. Actually small screen actress Chetna Raj died during fat removal surgery (surgery for weight loss) in Bangalore. After this matter came to the fore, everyone along with his fans was surprised. Police said the surgery was being done without informing the parents.

Chetna Raj was a young actress who died during surgery. After this incident, the relatives of Chetna have accused the doctors of negligence. The relatives also say that the surgery was done without proper equipment. Hospital officials are saying that the death was due to accumulation of water in his lungs during the surgery.

Who was Chetna Raj?

Chetna Raj was a resident of Abbigere, Bangalore. He was 21 years old and at an early age he made his mark in the Kannada TV industry. Chetna worked in popular serials ‘Geeta’, ‘Dorsani’, ‘Olvina Nildana’. Apart from this, he also acted in the Kannada film ‘Hawayami’.

Chetna’s family made this serious allegation

Chetna Raj’s father Govinda Raj told that his daughter was admitted to the hospital at 8.30 am on Monday. By the time they came to know about it, the operation had started. By evening, he felt short of breath as his lungs filled with water and fat. There are no proper facilities in ICU.

Chetna Raj had sought permission from the family to undergo fat removal surgery, but the family told her not to undergo surgery. He told that he was undergoing surgery without the knowledge of the family members. He said that my daughter died due to the negligence of the hospital. Doctors have performed surgery without parental consent and without proper equipment.

He said that my daughter was healthy. She was absolutely fine. She went to the hospital with her friends. Someone suggested to her that she has excess fat in her waist and she came for surgery without consulting any family member. Legal action will be taken against the hospital authorities.

Chethana Raj Died: Actress underwent surgery for weight loss, died a few hours later, family made serious allegations

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