Kanpur News : The 112th All India Mayor Council Conference concluded in Kanpur today. About 40 mayors from across the country and UP Vidhan Sabha Speaker Satish Mahana attended this two-day conference. In this conference, the voice was raised about the 74th Amendment and there was a meaningful discussion on bringing uniformity in the tenure of the mayor, making cities smart and seriously making a policy regarding water conservation. All the mayors returned with the determination that they would take the development work of their city forward rapidly.

The All India Mayor’s Council conference was organized for the first time in Kanpur. Although many issues were raised in the conference, but the most important in this was the 74th Amendment. Almost all the mayors present here agreed that the term of the mayor should be increased to 5 years. He also said that an office should be provided to the councilors by the Municipal Corporation, as they are burdened with the expectations of the public. He also demanded to fix the lump sum salary of the councillors.

Some mayors in the All India Council of Mayors also pointed out the lack of funds. He said that due to low income of the municipal corporation and high expenditure, the development of cities is not gaining momentum. For this, the policy decision of the central and state governments is being awaited.

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Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Speaker Satish Mahana, who attended the two-day conference, said that all the mayors need to coordinate and coordinate between the municipal corporation and the development authority so that development works can be accelerated. Satish Mahana also agreed on the issues raised by the Mayor during this period and said that he would also support him to the best of his ability in this regard. At the same time, Naveen Jain, the national president of the All India Council of Mayors, raised the issue of municipal cadre in the conference. If Agra Mayor Naveen Jain is to be believed, there should be a municipal cadre in the IAS so that the development of cities can be given further impetus. Naveen Jain said that he will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding this issue.

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