Kanpur News: The claims of municipal officials are being investigated in Kanpur, monitoring of drains is being done by drones

Kanpur News: Monsoon is about to arrive and when it...

Kanpur News: Monsoon is about to arrive and when it rains in the city, the Municipal Corporation has once again made claims to deal with the situation of water logging and waterlogging. The Municipal Corporation claims that all the small and big drains present in Kanpur metropolis have been cleaned in time.

The dirt and silt accumulated in the drains have been removed, due to which the problem seen every year in the streets of the city will not be water logging, but the Uttar Pradesh government is not ready to trust the officials of the municipal corporation, that is why for the first time especially in Kanpur. The drain cleaning done by the employees under the supervision of municipal officials is being monitored by drone cameras.

Drone cameras are being used to monitor drains
It is believed that now there will be no play in cleaning the drains. For the first time, before the monsoon in the city, its investigation is being done by drone. Whose video footage will also be sent to the government. This will be considered important evidence in the investigation of every drain. Only then will the contractors be paid.

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