Kanpur Road Accident When Victim Families Were Searching For Their Near And Dear Ones Watch

UP News: A heart-wrenching incident took place on Saturday night...

UP News: A heart-wrenching incident took place on Saturday night in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. On the occasion of Navratra, after visiting the Chandrika Devi temple of Unnao, people were returning happily riding on a tractor-trolley, but their vehicle met with an accident on the middle of the road and many lives were lost in untimely times. Got absorbed. The tractor trolley overturned in a field filled with water, due to which 25 people died. The incident was so horrific that the pictures and videos of relief work are giving goosebumps.

it was such a scary scene

As soon as the tractor overturned, the sounds of screaming and crying started coming everywhere. On hearing the sound, the local people started running and getting into the dirty water started the work of saving the people. Meanwhile, the administration and police were also informed and ambulances started arriving. The video related to this incident is now going viral on social media in which it can be seen that about two to three feet of water was filled in the field. People did not get a chance to recover as soon as the tractor fell and they also lost their lives due to drowning. The bodies of people were being taken out one by one from the water, while on the other hand, the mischievous people were looking for their loved ones, there was an outcry after seeing the dead body coming out. Many people were seen handling him. The scene of the incident was such that the soul of the people present there shook.

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Tractor driver had drunk alcohol?

On the other hand, the local people claim that the tractor driver was drunk due to whose negligence the accident happened, while many people are accusing the administration of delay. He says more lives could have been saved had the ambulance been dispatched sooner. At the same time, things are also being said about the disappearance of a girl riding on a tractor. Although it has not been officially confirmed. The police have released the names of all the 25 dead, including women and children.

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