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Kasganj News: In the Sadar Kotwali and Sahawar Kotwali areas...

Kasganj News: In the Sadar Kotwali and Sahawar Kotwali areas of Kasganj district, the police have raided the house of a person doing business of illegal drugs and cartridges. The police have recovered a large number of illegally sold cartridges from here. Along with this, banned drugs have also been recovered by the police in large numbers.

What is the whole matter?

According to Kasganj SP Rohan Pramod, the suspect vehicle and the suspect were being checked by the police station Sahawar police team when information was received from the informer that an illegal smuggler of arms, cartridges and banned drugs is going from Kasganj to Patiali on scooty. Who has a large quantity of illegal ammunition cartridges and banned drugs in the bag. The Sahawar police team started checking by putting a barrier at Chandi Tirahe, then after some time a scooty appeared from Kasganj side. When the bike was signaled to stop, seeing the police team, the person started trying to run away by turning back the scooty.

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Police recovered this

Later, a person named Shivam Sharma was arrested by the police team. From whose possession 1 illegal gun 315 bore, 71 live cartridges 315 bore, 30 live cartridges 32 bore, 2 blank cartridges 315 bore, 400 ml restricted injection kept inside 1 bag, and 2330 bullets were recovered from the banned spot. On interrogation of the accused arrested by the police, the accused told that unlicensed medicines are kept in 5 sacks at his house located at police station Kasganj, on this, unlicensed medicines were tied in 5 sacks from his house by the Sahawar police. Medicines have also been recovered.

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