Kashmir: The Water Of Kheer-Bhawani Temple In Ganderbal District Turned Red ANN | Kashmir: The water of Kheer-Bhawani temple in Ganderbal district turned red, people said

Kashmir: The water in the Kheer-Bhawani temple in Ganderbal district...

Kashmir: The water in the Kheer-Bhawani temple in Ganderbal district of central Kashmir has been turning red for the past several days, causing panic among the Kashmiri Pandits living here. Kashmiri Pandits have said that this is not a good sign about the situation here. With the color of the water of the temple tank changing, it is believed that it indicates the situation of the coming days. If the water is green or blue then it is seen as a sign of good days and if it is black or red then it is seen as a sign of disaster.

According to the information, the color of water in Bhavani temple is turning red for the last several days. Which is believed to be a sign of bloodshed according to the belief. A Kashmiri Pandit woman said that she has seen this color turning red for the first time in her life which is nothing less than a problem.

what the local people said

Another Kashmiri Pandit Kuldeep has said that in 1990, when the color of the water was black, Kashmiri Pandits suffered and had to leave Kashmir. He said that the color of water is sometimes more red and sometimes lighter. This is not a good sign for the current situation. Kuldeep says that for the past several days, we have been worshiping in this temple so that the coming disaster can be avoided. We have been facing difficulties for years and we pray that Kashmir flourishes and peace remains as before.

In fact, in Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir, terrorists entered the Tehsildar office on Thursday and shot a Kashmiri Pandit employee. Due to this he fell on the ground bleeding. Due to the sudden firing in the office, there was a stampede among the employees. After the terrorists fled from the spot, others took the injured employee Rahul Bhat to the local hospital. After this he was referred to Srinagar. Where he died after treatment for some time. At the same time, after this incident, there is a boil in the whole of Kashmir. There are also fierce demonstrations from Budgam to Srinagar.

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