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Kaushambi News: In Kaushambi, UP, 160 illegal weapons deposited over...

Kaushambi News: In Kaushambi, UP, 160 illegal weapons deposited over the years in various police stations were destroyed on the orders of the court. The road roller was destroyed by running in the Superintendent of Police’s office premises. On the orders of the court, in the presence of Superintendent of Police Hemraj Meena, Additional Superintendent of Police Samar Bahadur Singh and SDM Rajesh Srivastava, the first sealed arms and cartridges were removed. After this, a road roller was run on the ground on top of illegal weapons.

What is the whole matter?
Explain that illegal weapons will be smelted and converted into iron. Apart from this, the cartridges were also destroyed. The action went on for about an hour. Superintendent of Police Hemraj Meena told that there were about 160 illegal weapons in Sadar Malkhana, out of which 152 illegal weapons were of 3/25. Apart from this, guns, kattas, 12 bore guns were included. The remaining 8 were knives and daggers. The previous cases have been settled out of court.

weapons were disposed of
These were all years old illegal weapons, they were stored in the warehouses of the police stations. A campaign was launched. In which the disposal of the concerned warehouse was done. There were 152 weapons in the Sadar Malkhana, which included guns, guns, 12 bore guns, etc. Those weapons were disposed of as per rules by forming a committee. In this process of destruction the roller is broken first by running. Then they will be melted and converted into iron.

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