Know Advantages And Disadvantages Of Non Veg Eaters Increases In India

Non Veg Food In India: There has been a debate...

Non Veg Food In India: There has been a debate going on for years about what type of food the people of India should eat between vegetarian and non-vegetarian. For the past few days, the controversy over non-veg food on special occasions in the country has started gaining momentum. Many organizations are demanding a ban on the sale and consumption of non-veg during Navratri in India. Recently, data from the National Family Health Survey has claimed that about 90 percent of the people in 16 states of the country consume non-veg food. Whether a person should be vegetarian or non-vegetarian is his personal decision. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

If the number of people consuming this type of non-veg food increases in the country, then what will be the consequences. If there is an increase in the number of people consuming non-veg food in the country, what will be its advantages and disadvantages.

Claim made about non-veg food

Let us tell you that some time ago a research was done by experts from all over the world regarding the consumption of non-veg food. In which a shocking claim was made that to keep the coming generations alive, we have to change our eating habits. It has been told in the research that it is related to adopting vegetarianism instead of non-vegetarian. The way the number of people consuming non-veg food is increasing in India, it is not good for the country.

Earth Harmful Food Beef

Research has claimed that the most harmful food on the earth is beef. The report said that cattle not only increase the amount of methane gas that heats the earth, but due to them, the carbon-absorbing forests are also being harmed. It has been claimed in the report that the amount of resources used for one kilo of meat can produce five kilograms of grain. At the same time, 30 percent of the meat that comes in people’s plates goes in the garbage. While this is not the case with cereals.

prevention of cancer

The rapid increase in the number of people consuming non-vegetarian food in India is also taking people in the grip of many serious diseases. For some time, a deadly disease like cancer is spreading rapidly in the country. It is being claimed in a report that the risk of cancer is much lower in vegetarians than non-vegetarian eaters. Experts believe that eating vegetarian reduces the risk of not only colorectal or other gastro-intestinal but all types of cancer. On the other hand, vegetarian food reduces all types of cancer by 10 to 12 percent. Vegetarians have a 22 percent lower risk of developing colorectal cancer than non-vegetarians.

Carbon dioxide will stop in the environment

According to a research, eating non-vegetarian food causes the emission of 7.2 kg of carbon dioxide daily. On the contrary, only 2.9 kg of carbon dioxide is emitted from vegetarian food. Which is better for both our environment and health.

reasoning behind eating meat

In all the countries of the world including India, there is a very large population who do not have the same type of food option. If a poor man wants to eat protein, then he does not have enough money available to eat almonds daily. In such a situation, he is left with a better option to buy meat at a cheap price.

employment prospects

India not only has a large number of non-vegetarians, but it also provides employment opportunities to a large number of people. If non-vegetarian food is banned in India, then a large army of unemployed will arise in the country. Because in India many people earn their livelihood from its business. According to experts, before going from non-vegetarian to vegetarianism, we should find new employment options in the country.

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