Benefits Of Roti: Everyone wants to maintain their health. For this it is imperative to choose the right diet. Cereals are the most important part of this diet. Yes. We are most confused in our diet whether roti or rice is good for our health! You can choose any of these. Although the people of North India mostly like to eat roti.

Here we are telling you how you can further improve your health by making this roti more nutritious. Actually roti contains many micronutrients, it also provides energy. Bread is rich in carbohydrates. If you eat bran bread, then it is even more beneficial for you. Because it is high in fiber, which is good for your health. On the other hand, roti contains complex carbohydrates, which do not make you feel hungry for a long time. If you eat ghee in roti, then you also get good fats from it. Now you would like to know whether it is right to eat bread everyday, then we tell you.

We have already told you that how many properties are found in roti, which is so beneficial and important for our body. If we talk only about the nutritional value of roti, then it contains soluble fibers which are easy to digest. At the same time, many types of vitamins, iodine, zinc, manganese and calcium are also found in them. That’s why roti is good for our health.

This way roti can be made even more nutritious
If you are not forbidden to eat wheat, then roti is good for your health. You can eat it everyday. However, it would be great if you use multi grain flour to make it more healthy. You can also make gram flour by mixing it in the flour. On the other hand, children often refuse to eat vegetables, then you can also make paratha by grinding or chopping vegetables in them. Which will be very beneficial for them. At the same time, if you want, you can make it by mixing soybean flour in the flour, this will increase the nutritional value of the roti even more.

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