Know Who Gets Highest Salary An IAS Or Professor, Details Are Here

Know IAS & Professor Salary: Be it IAS or Professor,...

Know IAS & Professor Salary: Be it IAS or Professor, both the professions are seen with great respect and prestige in the society. But both of these whose salary is the highest, that of an IAS or Professor. This is a very complex question. With experience in both the professions, the salary increases on the designation and promotion.

How much do IAS and Professor get salary
Let us tell you that the salary of an IAS starts from Rs 56,100 in which Traveling Allowance (TA), DA (DA) and HRA are available separately. The salary of IAS goes up to Rs 2.50 lakh, which is available to the Cabinet Secretary of the country. At the same time, according to the pay scale of UGC, the salary of Assistant Professor starts from Rs 57,700. Which goes up to Rs 2,25,000 till you reach the post of Vice Chancellor.

Know the salary of IAS
After passing the UPSC exam, when an IAS is made, then the same salary is Rs 56,100 per month in which traveling allowance, DA and HRA are included separately. But as soon as an IAS reaches the post of District Collector after 9 to 16 years of experience, his salary increases from Rs 78,800 to Rs 1,18,500, which includes TA + DA + HRA separately. Whenever an IAS reaches the post of Principal Secretary after promotion, his salary increases to Rs 1,82,200 in which TA + DA + HRA is available separately. After becoming the Chief Secretary of an IAS, he gets a salary of Rs 2,25,000, in which TA + DA + HRA is given separately. An IAS also includes many other government facilities, from bungalow, car to security.

How much is the salary of a professor
Talk about the salary of professors, when a person thinks of becoming a professor, he is first posted on the post of Assistant Professor and he gets TA + DA + HRA with a salary of Rs 57,700. After promotion, after reaching the post of Associate Professor, Rs 1,44,200 and after promotion to the post of Professor, Rs 1,44,200 is available in which salary is included in which TA + DA + HRA is included separately.

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