Korba News: The terror of elephants is increasing in Korba district of Chhattisgarh. Last night, passers-by including Pali Tanakhar MLA Mohitram Kerketta got caught in a herd of elephants. MLA Mohitram was returning at night from a tour of Kerketta area. In the middle of the road, elephants had come and blocked the road. Mohitram Kerketta informed the forest department about the incident. The department team that reached the spot chased away the herd of elephants.

MLA’s convoy trapped in a herd of elephants in the middle of the road

A group of 7 elephants blocked the road on the Chotiya-Chirmiri main road. The passers-by, including the MLA, were frightened by the fear of elephants. The way was cleared when the elephants were driven away by the forest department. The Forest Department says that a group of elephants is constantly roaming in the Katghora forest division. That’s why villagers are being warned not to come out of the house at night by issuing a warning to light a bonfire in the house. A video of the incident has surfaced. In the video, policemen and forest department team have reached the spot. The police are trying to make the elephants run away with the siren of the vehicle.

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The forest department team drove the elephants towards the forest

After an hour’s effort, the team got success and the herd of elephants went towards the forest. After the elephants left, the passers-by, including the MLA, heaved a sigh of relief. In Korba district, the Vananchal area is shaken by the trumpet of elephants. Especially in different ranges of Katghora forest division area, elephants are moving in different herds. There is news of a group of elephants creating a ruckus in the Chaitma-Pali area. Katghora Forest Division’s DFO Premlata Yadav said that last night a team of seven elephants had occupied the Chotiya-Chirmiri main road. MLA Mohitram Kerketta informed the forest department. The team of the department, which reached the spot, drove the elephants towards the forest.

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