Korean War Anniversary: A special exhibition on the Indian Army's...

Korean War Anniversary: A special exhibition on the Indian Army’s Para Field Ambulance (Hospital) from Thursday (June 24-July 24) at the South Korean Cultural Center in the capital Delhi, on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the Korean War (1950-53). going to organize. In this exhibition, rare photographs and videos related to the help and treatment of soldiers injured in the Korean War will be shown by the Military Hospital of the Indian Army.

According to the Korean Cultural Center, 32 photos and videos related to 60 para field ambulances of the Indian Army will be displayed in the exhibition. The video will show interviews, messages and memories of ex-servicemen who took part in the war. Let us tell you that on the occasion of 70 years of Korean War, a plan was prepared to organize this exhibition in the year 2020. It was made online due to the Corona epidemic.

Now this exhibition is being organized in the Nam Jun Paek Hall in Lajpat Nagar Center in the capital Delhi of Korean Cultural Center. The exhibition will be opened for the general public from 5 pm on Thursday and will run for a whole month i.e. till July 24. Let us tell you that the Korean Cultural Center (India) in Delhi is under the Embassy of South Korea and apart from promoting Korean culture in India, plays an important role in strengthening cultural ties between the two countries.

Indian Army played a neutral role

In fact, when there was a war between North and South Korea in 1950-53, at that time, instead of supporting any one country, the Indian Army, playing a neutral role, sent one of its mobile military ambulance platoons to the battlefield in the far-east of Asia. was sent in. This platoon was the 60th Parachute Field Ambulance Platoon. Let us tell you that in this war on the Korean Peninsula, many countries including China and America took part, which were either supporting North Korea or South Korea, but India played a neutral role.

This platoon ambulance of the Indian Army roamed the battlefield amidst the dangers and treated the injured soldiers. During this, three Indian soldiers also lost their lives and 23 soldiers were injured. In this war (1950-53), which lasted for about three years, the Indian platoon remained in the battlefield. 60 Para Field Ambulance (Platoon), who played an important role in this war, Lt Col A.G. Rangraj was later awarded the Maha Vir Chakra, the second highest medal of bravery by the Government of India. Even on the completion of 70 years of the Korean War, South Korea also gave the title of war-hero to Lieutenant Colonel Rangraj in the year 2020.

Separate place for India in Korean War Memorial

South Korea has built a war memorial in the capital, Seoul, in memory of the soldiers who died in the Korean War. In that war memorial, a separate memorial has been built in the name of ‘India’ and the tricolor flag is always waving. The achievements of the 60th Parachute Field Ambulance Platoon are also written on that memorial.

In 2017, when ABP News correspondents went to the South Korean capital, Seoul with their crew, for coverage of the ongoing tension and dispute between North and South Korea, they also visited that war memorial. It is written in this memorial that Indian soldiers had shed their blood and sweat for freedom and peace during the Korean War in the ‘Land of Morning Kam’, which speaks of the close ties between the two countries.

These 60 para field ambulances of the Indian Army are stationed in Agra these days and whenever a new Korean ambassador reaches India, he definitely visits this unit. Last year i.e. in March 2021, when South Korean Defense Minister Suh Wok visited India, he also visited this field hospital.

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