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Koriya News: During the Corona period, clapping plates were played...

Koriya News: During the Corona period, clapping plates were played across the country to encourage the doctors. But the people of the newly created district from Korea are ringing the bell to wake up their MLA and the mayor. The bell is being rung in front of the picture of the MLA and the mayor. The matter is of Manendragarh Chirmiri and Chirmiri Municipal Corporation of Sonhat district, which was carved out of Korea. People are protesting by accusing the MLA of cheating.

The MLA had given assurance to make Chirmiri the district headquarters

On August 15, the Chief Minister of the state Bhupesh Baghel had announced to make Manendragarh a district separately from Korea. After which people protested against making Manendragarh a district in Chirmiri Municipal Corporation. To avoid this, the anger of the people of Chirmiri was pacified by adding three major places in the name of the district. The anger of the people was pacified on the assurance of Vinay Jaiswal, MLA from Manendragarh Vidhan Sabha, a resident of Chirmiri. He had assured that Chirmiri would be made the district headquarters.

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People adopted a unique method to wake up when the promise was not fulfilled

But now when an amount of Rs.1 crore 73 lakh has been approved by the Revenue and Disaster Management for the development of the district office in Manendragarh, the people of Chirmiri Municipal Corporation have started protesting by forming a front. It is worth mentioning that at present, the amount has been released to operate the RTI building in Jaunpur of Manendragarh as a district office. After which people under the banner of ‘Chirmiri Zilla Banao Morcha’ have once again started a different type of protest by accusing Congress MLA Vinay Jaiswal of blasphemy. This time the workers associated with the Morcha have installed a picture of the MLA and his mayor wife Kanchan Jaiswal at Haldibari Chowk and are ringing the bell in front of the picture to wake up both of them.

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