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Rajasthan Flood: In the Kota division of Rajasthan, there has...

Rajasthan Flood: In the Kota division of Rajasthan, there has been flood due to the overflowing of rivers due to rain. There has been a lot of destruction in the fields and villages on the banks of the river, due to which the farmers also suffered huge amount. Kharif has been sown in 1175703 hectares in Kota division, in which the crop of about 195186 hectares is believed to be spoiled. There was damage in Manoharthana, Raipur, Khanpur, Pidawa, Aklera, Bakani, Sunel, Pachpahar, Gangdhar, Dag, Jhalrapatan and Asnawar areas of Jhalawar district of the division.

Damage has occurred in Ladpura, Sangod, Ramganjmandi, Etawah, Kanwas, Digod areas of Kota district. Similarly, there has been damage in Lakheri, Keshoraipatan, Nainwa, Indragarh in Bundi district. Damage has been seen in Baran, Mangrol, Anta, Atru, Kishanganj, Chhipabarod in Baran district.

Most crop failure in Jhalawar

The worst condition in Hadoti division is in Jhalawar district. According to the Agriculture Department, this time 334819 hectares were sown while 84958 hectares crop got damaged. Similarly, in Kota district, in 256678 hectares, other crops including soybean, urad and maize were sown by farmers, in which 56029 hectares have been damaged. In Bundi district, 245396 hectares were sown, while the damage has been done in 34756 hectares. Whereas in Baran district, with sowing in 338810 hectares, the lowest 1,446 hectares of crop has been damaged.

Farmers said – 100 percent compensation will be given soon

The farmers of these districts have demanded 100% compensation from the government at the earliest. However, the Chief Minister of the state, Ashok Gehlot, who was on Hadoti tour, has also said in a conversation with the farmers that he has given directions to the officials concerned. So that the farmers can be compensated by getting the Girdawari report prepared at the earliest. The farmers said that the crop of urad soybean was almost ready after yielding. But the rain from the sky destroyed the entire crops, we have suffered a great loss. He told that the influx that we would get this year was washed away in the water in front of our eyes.

Up to 30% loss in crops in Bundi

Due to heavy rains, there has been a loss of 10 percent in rice and maize, 25 to 30 percent in soybean and urad. It is raining now, this is a preliminary assessment of crop damage. The exact loss will be revealed later in the final survey. In Bundi tehsil, rice-5 percent, maize-5 to 10 percent, urad 25 to 30 percent, soybean 25 to 30 percent loss. If we look at the hectare, there has been a loss in 50 hectares in rice, 500 in maize, 1250 in urad and 1300 hectares in soybean. In Talera tehsil rice, there is a loss of up to 5 percent in maize, 15 to 20 percent in maize, 20 to 25 percent in urad and soybean. In terms of hectare, rice has been damaged in 25 hectares, maize 550, urad 250.

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